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Cultural Competency Training

Leadership training


  • Our training will work with your employees on the importance of inclusion and respect, driving behavioral change by cultivating a safe and respectful environment.

  • Employees will be comfortable identifying, evaluating and resolving common workplace challenges to build a winning corporate culture.

  • Our program is tailored to your organization that breaks down the stereotypes that surround us. Stereotypes cause miscommunication and directly affect the way we work and live, creating an unhealthy work environment.

Real Talk:

Honest conversations about DEI are rare. Guilt, anger, prejudice, defensiveness, and fear, hinder “real talk” and real progress toward the goal of DEI. We have confidential conversations with smaller groups within your organization or institution that are invested into doing DEI work. We discuss current events, ask hard questions you may have been afraid or unwilling to talk about before. 


DEI isn’t politics; it’s people. We will coach, and offer support to you and your staff as we work together toward the goal of DEI/Cultural Competency.

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