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About Us/Meet the Owners 

D5 Consulting LLC was established by the Davis family with a deep commitment to the safety, health, and well-being of your loved ones, both in the workplace and in everyday life. Our founding principles are rooted in the understanding that ensuring the welfare of all individuals is paramount.

We bring this unwavering dedication to every workshop we conduct, encompassing a wide spectrum of topics including workplace violence prevention in addition to our comprehensive diversity initiatives.

Our diversity training programs are designed to foster inclusive company cultures, promoting unity over division. We emphasize the importance of embracing perspectives that arise from a diverse workforce. Our training sessions are far more than mere sets of rules; they are immersive, interactive experiences aimed at fostering genuine understanding.

Moreover, our trainers draw upon their own personal experiences and stories from others to provide a holistic perspective on diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

Recognizing the significance of family safety, we, as a family ourselves, fully appreciate the importance of ensuring that your loved ones return home safely every night.

Sammy Davis

Sammy is a dedicated professional with a remarkable 18-year tenure at the Broome County Sheriff’s Office, where he currently serves as the Undersheriff. Prior to assuming this pivotal role, Sammy held the esteemed position of Director of Training for an impressive 8 years, solidifying his reputation as a respected leader within the department.


Before joining the Broome County Sheriff’s Office, Sammy spent 2 years as a Binghamton University Police Officer. His academic journey includes earning an Associate's degree in Arts and Sciences from SUNY Broome, followed by a Bachelor of Science in Human Development from Binghamton University.


Sammy's career includes a decade-long stint as a SWAT member, where he showcased his unwavering commitment to public safety. He played a role in the rescue team's response to the ACA mass casualty shootings in Binghamton, NY, further highlighting his invaluable experience and dedication.


An educator in the field of law enforcement, Sammy is a certified Master Instructor in Law Enforcement. His passion for teaching led him to serve as an Instructor in the Criminal Justice Department at SUNY Broome. Additionally, he holds certifications in various law enforcement subjects, such as Defensive Tactics Instructor, OC Instructor, and Taser Instructor. He is a former member of the Law Enforcement Training Directors Association of New York State (LETDANYS), further showcasing his commitment to professional development and excellence in his field.


Beyond his professional duties, Sammy's deep-rooted dedication to fostering positive relationships between law enforcement and the community is evident. He actively engages in school outreach events and service, particularly focused on mentoring underrepresented young men of color. Each year, he participates in Career Day at Union Endicott High School, sharing his invaluable experiences as a local law enforcement member.


Sammy was also heavily involved in his local community, as evidenced by his involvement as a youth track and wrestling coach, where he positively impacted young lives for a decade. His early career as one of the first company training coordinators at Amphenol Interconnect Products honed his skills as an educator and public speaker. All of these experiences provide a unique perspective on the intersection of law enforcement, community, and cultures.


In addition, Sammy is a board member of Fairview Recovery in Binghamton, further showcasing his commitment to community support and advocacy. His expertise in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and interculturalism is a testament to his holistic approach in bridging gaps within society.

Amira Davis 

Amira, a multifaceted professional with a wealth of experience, plays a pivotal role at D5 Consulting Group LLC. In addition to her integral contributions to our operations team, Amira has seamlessly transitioned her extensive background in sales into a valuable asset for our training endeavors.

Amira holds an Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies from SUNY Broome and a Bachelor of Science in Human Development from Binghamton University. With over two decades of experience in Sales and Marketing, she has navigated the landscape of Fortune 500 Companies as well as smaller, family-owned businesses. Her outstanding performance in corporate America is exemplified by her multiple President's Club and Chairman's Award recognitions.


Her commitment to community service is exemplary, as evidenced by her past roles as a Board Member for the Binghamton Chapter of the YWCA, the Boys and Girls Club of Western Broome, and the Binghamton Rotary. Amira has also contributed her expertise as a First Call for Help Advisory Board Member, a subgroup affiliated with the United Way of Broome County. Currently, she serves as a Board Member for the Tioga County Chamber of Commerce, further solidifying her dedication to community betterment.


Amira's reputation for honesty and professionalism has cultivated a vast and loyal clientele who rely on her unparalleled experience and expertise. Her corporate background, coupled with her unwavering commitment, positions her as the driving force behind D5 Consulting Group LLC.

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