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About Us 

D5 Consulting LLC was founded because the Davis family knows the importance of the safety and health of your loved ones. We understand how crucial it is to ensure the well-being of everyone in the workplace and your day to day life. We bring that dedication to every workshop we teach.


Our diversity trainings help to lay out a company culture that is inclusive, not divisive. We work on embracing approaches that are a result of diverse employees. We go beyond a list of "dos and don'ts" to try to build a true understanding through our highly interactive trainings. In addition to their education on the subject, our trainers also share their personal experiences along with those of others to address diversity and inclusion in the workplace


Having a family of our own, we know how vital it is to have your family home safe each night. 

Sammy Davis

Sammy Davis has been a member of the Broome County Sheriff’s Office for 17 years, where he currently commands the Training Division. He also worked for 2 years as a Binghamton University Police Officer. He received his Associates in Arts and Sciences from SUNY Broome in 1996 and his Bachelor of Science in Human Development from Binghamton University in 2001.

Sgt. Davis is a certified Master Instructor in Law Enforcement and an Instructor in the Criminal Justice Department at SUNY Broome. He is also a certified instructor in many law enforcement subjects including but not limited to Defensive Tactics Instructor, OC Instructor, Taser Instructor. Sam is also a member of the Law Enforcement Training Directors Association of New York State (LETDANYS).


Part of his dedication to bridging the gap between Law Enforcement and his community has been working with underrepresented young men of color through school outreach events and service. Every year on Career Day, you can find him at Union Endicott High School speaking with students about his experiences as a member of local Law Enforcement. He was also been a youth track and wrestling coach for ten years.


Prior to entering Law Enforcement, Sam worked for Amphenol Interconnect as one of the company’s first company training coordinators, where he began honing his skills as an educator and public speaker. Understanding the importance of safety, Sam brings a unique perspective to the relationships between Law Enforcement, community, and cultures; and how they function together within the context of DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) and interculturalism. Sam is currently on the board of Directors for Fairview Recovery in Binghamton

Amira Davis 

Amira Davis holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Development from Binghamton University. She has extensive experience in Sales and Marketing, having worked in the field for the last twenty years from Fortune 500 Companies to smaller, family owned businesses. Amira has specialized in providing families with advocacy and effective communication. She has also provided her clients with effective solutions to their marketing needs. She is a former Board Member of the Binghamton Chapter of the YWCA and the Boys and Girls Club of Western Broome and the Binghamton Rotary. In addition, she was a First Call for Help Advisory Board Member, a sub-group of the United Way of Broome County. Amira currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Tioga County Chamber of Commerce.

Her honesty and professionalism has earned her a very large base of loyal clients who rely on her experience and expertise. This coupled with her experience in Corporate America makes her the driving force behind the scenes of D5 Consulting.

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