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In August of 2019, Sam and Amira founded D5 Consulting with a shared belief: that they brought a unique blend of expertise to the table that was unparalleled. Sam's background in law enforcement and extensive training experience, coupled with Amira's prowess in sales, marketing, and training, formed the bedrock of their endeavor. Together, their dynamic energy, when presenting, is a force that cannot be replicated.


As their journey unfolded, they welcomed their sons, Sammy and Aaron, to the team. Leveraging their experiences and youthful perspective, Sammy and Aaron passionately facilitate discussions on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in schools, addressing critical topics like cyberbullying. Their infusion of energy and relatability resonates deeply, connecting with youth in meaningful ways.

In 2023, D5 expanded its offerings, welcoming Tom McCartney, a seasoned expert, to the team. Tom's wealth of experience has proven invaluable, particularly in bolstering their crisis management training. This addition marks a milestone in their growth trajectory, showcasing their commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to evolving business needs.

D5 is dedicated to fostering more growth in the years ahead, furthering their mission of empowering organizations through innovative, tailored training programs.

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