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Our Story

In August of 2019, Sam and Amira established D5 Consulting with a shared vision: to offer an unparalleled blend of expertise. Sam's extensive background in law enforcement and training, coupled with Amira's proficiency in sales, marketing, and training, laid the foundation for their venture. Together, their dynamic presentation style is a formidable force.


As their journey progressed, they welcomed their sons, Sammy and Aaron, into the fold. Leveraging their experiences and fresh perspectives, Sammy and Aaron work with Amira in leading discussions on critical topics like Like Skills, Bullying and Cultural Competency in schools, including cyberbullying. Their engaging approach resonates deeply, establishing meaningful connections with the younger audience.


In 2023, D5 embarked on a new phase of growth, adding Tom McCartney—a seasoned expert—to their team. Tom has extensive experience, particularly in crisis management training. This addition marked a significant milestone in our expansion, highlighting our dedication to offering comprehensive solutions to evolving business needs.


In 2024, D5 proudly introduces Bob Charpinsky, Matthew Barchak, and Jack Burkhard as new additions to the team of trainers. With decades of collective experience in threat analysis from various military and law enforcement backgrounds, they bring a wealth of expertise to our organization. As active law enforcement professionals, their training methodologies are continuously refined to align with current industry trends and best practices. This commitment ensures that our training and consulting services remain pertinent, contemporary, and rigorously validated for your organization's needs.


Looking ahead, D5 remains steadfast in our commitment to fostering further growth and advancing our mission of empowering organizations through innovative, tailored training programs.

Some of Our Clients

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